What is the minimum age for diving?2018-06-18T22:08:29-06:00

The minimum age for diving is 10 years, for children 8 years and up, we have a program called Bubble maker in the pool.

How big are your diving groups?2018-06-18T22:08:00-06:00

a maximum of 4 beginners per instructor and a maximum of 6 certified divers per divemaster.

What do i need to bring?2018-06-18T22:07:33-06:00

You must bring a swimming suit, towels, biodegradable sun block, money for lunch or lunch and we always recommend taking some medicine to prevent sea sickness. If you are a certified diver do not forget to bring your certification card, please.

Are you open year round?2018-06-18T22:07:06-06:00

We work every day except Saturdays, December 25th and January 1st.

The prices include all the necessary equipment?2018-06-18T22:06:39-06:00

All equipment is included except for the wet suit that you can rent.

Is the food included?2018-06-18T22:06:13-06:00

No, the food is not included, only in the trips of caverns and whale shark you have lunch included, in Cozumel a few snacks. In Cancun diving trips we offer bottled water,  but you can bring your food and there are places where to eat in the area .

How can I pay for my trips?2018-06-18T22:04:56-06:00

We accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards, cash American dollars or Mexican pesos.

How can I make my reservation?2018-06-18T22:04:18-06:00

You can reserve your space through email, facebook, whatsapp or by phone, we do not charge deposits, you will pay when you arrive at the dive center, please only make a reservation once you are sure you will be attending.

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